Late April Gardening Checklist


  • Hostas are easily divided in the spring.
  • Remove spent flowers from Tulips, Daffodils & Hyacinths to reserve energy.
  • Groundcovers provide a beautiful solution to tough spots where grass won’t grow: shady areas & slopes.
  • For bold, billowing patches of spring color – plant Creeping Phlox. These perennials aren’t fussy, spread quickly & are easy to grow. They love full sun & well-drained soil.
  • Plant Daylilies for a low maintenance, pest-free flower garden.


  • Apply Preen to beds to prevent weeds around roses, perennials, shrubs, trees & vegetables.
  • Plant miniature Roses in the rock garden.
  • Plant roses; use peat moss, cow manure & compost. Choose a sunny site.


  • Enjoy the zest & fragrance of herbs. Fun for windowsills or formal knot garden.
  • Set out Strawberry plants about 3 feet apart in each row to prevent crowding. Plant in full sun, with cow manure. Expect yield of one quart of berries per plant.
  • Plant red raspberry rows in a north-south direction so each side gets equal sunlight.
  • Ideal time to plant Blueberries.
  • Plants need carbon, hydrogen & oxygen (from air & water) and nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium & sulfur (from soil). Plants will not achieve maximum growth if they receive too much or too little of these.
  • Start cucumbers, melons & squash indoors; transplant in late May.


  • Wait until buds break & new growth begins before pruning “dead” branches.
  • Plant climbing Hydrangea to cover a masonry wall or stone wall.
  • Plant creeping Juniper as a ground cover for hot, dry & sunny locations.
  • HUG A TREE ON ARBOR DAY! Arbor Day was established in 1874 on the treeless plains of Nebraska by J.Sterling Morton – Arbor Day is now celebrated throughout the US & around the world.
  • Prune Forsythia after flowers fall; then fertilize.
  • Finger-pinch new candle growth (80%) on dwarf pines & spruces to keep shrubs compact by forcing internal growth; then fertilize.
  • Consider proper pest control for white pine weevil on pine & spruce. Look for tent caterpillars & wooly adelgid.


  • Time to start a new lawn or re-seed old lawns. Grass roots like 4” of good topsoil with organic matter. Cultivate lightly, rake out weeds and roots. Rake smooth. Use a good quality seed & starter fertilizer. Protect with straw for moisture retention.


  • Water houseplants with a solution of plant food 1-2 days before re-potting them.
  • If you spray your Houseplants for pests, move them out