Feather Reed Grass
(Calamagrostis arundinacea)
‘Karl Foerster’ = Grows 4-5’ tall.
The only grass voted “Perennial-of-the-
Year” because it is outstanding – its slender
clumps bloom in June & stay attractive
through late winter. Zone 4.
Japanese Sedge(Carex morrowii)
‘Evergold’ = Grows 12-18” tall. Great
for shade – a rarity among ornamental
grasses. Bold yellow variegation makes
this grass memorable! Zone 5.
‘Ice Dance’ = Grows 10-12” tall.
An outstanding grass for shade or partial
shade. It is tough, colorful & all-purpose.
Half inch wide, deep green blades are
brightly bordered in pure white. Forms a
dense, spreading, rounded clump that is
neat & well kept. Zone 5.
Blue Fescue (Festuca cinerea)
‘Elijah Blue’ = Grows only 6-10”
tall. A small, mounding grass with excellent
blue foliage. Blooms in June & July. Zone 4.
Hakonechloa (Hakonechloa macra)
‘Aureola’ = Grows 12-18”tall. Forms
mounds of yellow & green foliage
that resemble bamboo leaves.
Does best in partial
shade. Zone5.
Blue Oat Grass
(Helictotrichon sempervirens)
‘Sapphire’ = Grows 2-3’ tall. Great
blue upright foliage. Browinish-blue
flower spikes with tassels appear in early
July & persist through the rest of the
summer. Zone 4.
Japanese Blood Grass
(Imperata cylindrica)
‘Red Baron’ = Grows 12-18” tall.
Aptly named, as the light green leaves
are tipped with bright red. Prefers a
sheltered location. Does not bloom. Zone5