July Gardening Checklist


  • Dig up, separate & re-plant overgrown clumps of Bearded Iris.
  • Shear Catmint (Nepeta) after flowers fade & there’ll be another set of flowers later this summer.
  • Cut flower stems of Lavender to be dried just as the flowers begin to open.
  • Pinch Chrysanthemums for the last time in early July to enjoy bushy plants this fall. Pinching back the tip of the stem increases flowers. Dormant buds start forming in late July.
  • Combine Hostas & Ferns in the shade garden for contrasting colors & textures.


  • Remove spent flowers from roses regularly.
  • When Geranium flowers wither, pinch off the flower with your fingernail an inch or so below the blossom. A few days later, tug out the dried, brownish stem at the top. A replacement stem & flower will grow quickly because you pruned properly.
  • Harvest pickling cucumbers when they reach 2 to 6 inches in length.
  • Water Strawberry plants once a week during the summer & early fall if weather is dry.
  • Shear mints, oregano & savory to promote bushy growth.
  • Soften the soil by watering before tackling heavy duty weeding.
  • Dry herbs by hanging loose bunches in airy but dark locations.
  • Do not apply fertilizers on wet plants.