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Landscape Design Part 3 – Bluestone Patio – Before and After

How to make a bluestone patio

Below is the Bluestone Patio BEFORE

The patio was very small surrounded by an 8 foot high hedge of yews. There was no view at all of the pond and no way to walk around the house. The was no thought put into the pattern. There were weeds growing in between all the stones and many were cracked. The large tree in the background was carefully removed and transplanted to another area of the yard.

This is the back of the hedge that surrounded the patio. It complete obstructs the view of the field and pond. 

This gives you some perspective as to how tall the hedge was and how “closed in” you were. There was a small perennial bed in front and a thick bed of pachysandra that had to be removed.


The Tree, garden and pachysandra were removed. The 8 foot hedge was cut  down.  The debris was run through a wood chipper and the the mulch was used for a path in the woods.



We chipped away at the hedge everyday. Then brought in 24 yards of soil and mulch to put in this area later for a perennial bed and stone retaining wall.

A Bobcat was used to remove the roots of the yews.

As with an good project, things get worse before the get better!


The old patio was dismantled and  the old bluestone  was set aside to be mixed in with the new plalate of bluestone.  To enlarge the size of the patio we had to remove dirt and add a base of compacted stone dust. 

Sting lines and levels were used along the way.

Bluestone Patio Pipe

We ran into  a slight problem with this pipe so we cut it down and put it under the patio.

Bluestone Patio

Making sure the patio is slightly tipped so water will run off it. A garden will be installed in front of the fence.

The new and the old bluestone were mixed in together forming a beautiful flowing pattern rich in color. Sod and grass seed were added.


Patio Chairs

Hedge is gone, flower garden installed and ready to relax!

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